Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I have a special place in my heart for those artistic things in nature that only a great God could create.
I think they are neither accidents or there by chance.   For example,  can you guess what made this lovely art in the bottom of the sea?  This is mind boggling ...the precise measurements of design.
A Puffer Fish did this amazing design.   He works for hours making this birthplace for his mate.  Swimming to make the mounds in his own design.  On top of each mound he lays  shells, possibly for decoration or to attract her.  The gullies in the center is where she will lay her eggs.....and like every good man,  will stay with the children until mom returns. 
This is so incredible.  Upon learning this,  I thought there must be a billion other wonders of the world that create art that we will never even know in our lifetime.

If you know me, you will know I love dragonflies.  They are mystical to me and have spiritual meaning  for me as well.  For my birthday this year I got myself a dragonfly tattoo on my wrist.  At 54, I guess the young wild girl is still there!  See this dragonfly and how the rain sits upon every vein and pore on her wing
The art in this beautiful small being is amazing.  How also amazing  that a photographer was able to catch this moment just after the rain.  I have been visited several times in my life by a dragonfly and today had one brought to me to show the children in my classroom.  I was visited by this one in Jerome, AZ on my anniversary.  It flew on the aerial of my car as we left the town.  I later found out that they are usually orange in this area.  

Fall is just around the corner and I will traveling to Maine this year to see the changing of the seasons.
I most miss the colors this time of year in my hometown, Sharonville, Ohio.   This is my favorite spot and I even painted it years ago in watercolors.  I assure you the watercolor does it no justice.

Be sure to take in some nature yourself as the seasons change.  It really is amazing... and you may just find Art in nature.