Sunday, October 26, 2014

Having a blast drawing again.

It's been a year since I've posted last and have put much more upkeep into my teacher blog and connecting with students.  The last year has been gaining strength after having back surgery and being pain free is amazing.
 I can never give up my beadwork but have moved into times of solitude and peace drawing and creating.  The magic of pen on paper and creating something from a blank sheet mesmerizes me. My latest for a customer...Taking Flight.
First it 
is drawn as a template and then filled with fun and whimsical patterns. The shading and coloring with pencils or acrylic inks finish off a project.  This one takes approximately 3hours.
I admit I'm hooked and my drawing pens, pencils and markers are growing.  I've added acrylic inks to my stash and taught a class in my art group today.
Interested in learning? I teach regularly at Scrapbook Barn in Gilbert.   
Find a creative outlet and explore using your talents. Every person has one.