Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Class Updates!

If you've taken my Tangle 101 classes, you are ready for learning to use color in your designs.  We'll do some more advanced tangles and move on to using markers and colored pencils to make a collage.
Class times at Jerry's Art-O-Rama in Tempe,AZ 
I-60 and Rural Rds., 1 block south of 60.  Call to Register : 480-775-6787
Saturday, Feb. 7, Class 102, 10:30a.m.-1:30 p.m. CANCELLED 
Tuesday, Feb. 10, Class 102,  10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.   
Supply Lists are available at time of registration.

February 3, Do-Tangle Pendant Class 103, 6:00-8:00p.m. Scrapbook Barn,
Val Vista and Guadalupe Rds.
Call to Register: 480-503-2475

Join me for some Fun!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Are you Doodling?

Today I have three new tangles you may want to try!  The pinwheel is my favorite.  Give it a whirl!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Books on Amazon!

Pattern Play by Chris Letourneau and Sonya Fencer, CZT is a great book to get you thinking out of the box and creating tangles.  Creative Therapy Coloring Book is for those of you who would just like to color.   Adult coloring books are becoming very popular again as we all strive for relaxation and stress-free living.

Round and Round We Go...

I've been experimenting with circles lately.  The Circle Maker above rotates in the middle to create a circle any size you choose, and has smaller pre-size circles you can use.  Found this on Amazon for $7 bucks.  Its fun to play with and puts those 'ole protractors to shame.  Finished off with Gelly Roll pens, with a dash of glitter and metallics.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Classes!

I have started the year out with booking classes at the Scrapbook Barn in Gilbert and Jerry's Art-a-Rama in Tempe.   Classes being offered are Do-Tangle 101, a beginners class to learn doodling and tangles.  Leave class having learned over 24 tangles to use on artists tiles, cards or in your journal!
Do-Tangle 102, is a basic color class to use your tangles with Copic/Concept markers and colored pencils.  Leave the class with a 8 X 10 colored collage started with your hand drawn art!   My new class is a Do-Tangle 103 Clay Pendant.   We will tangle with the smallest Micron pen, 01 which will give your piece a delicate look using your tangles.

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I'm working on using a new technique for tangling.  I've found Watercolor CRAYONS!.  Now,  I use crayons everyday as I teach little ones, but these are for big humans!   Just lay down color as you wish, add a little water and move the color on the page.  I'm tangling this page now in my journal and will post when I finish!   I love that they are portable and easy to use!   If you choose to use water, make sure you use artist grade paper, such as the Visual Journal I use.   I support my local art store, Jerry's Artarama!

A New Year Art Resolution......Learn a new technique or medium!

Such beautiful skies we have here in Arizona.  When taking this photo I saw many shades of pinks, blues, reds, oranges, brown and white.   When we look at a piece of art, our eye sometimes deceives us.  We see the surface colors.  Next time looking at a piece of art, deliberately try to "break apart" the colorways.   Look at the detail and you will see different shades, textures and hues.  This often helps me when I go to color and shade a piece of artwork.  I use a basic 24 color palette of colored pencils called Progresso.  They are woodless and all pigment.  They glide on the paper like butter and burnish to look like glass.

Gilbert, Arizona   1-4-15