Friday, June 26, 2015

Card Class Success!

I had the pleasure of teaching two wonderful ladies in my Do-Tangle card class.   Amber finished her card and it is amazing!  Great job, Amber!  

Warning:  Once learning tangling, you may lose sleep!!!!


Worked on a mandala the other day and ended up a very simple piece with colored pencil.   I decided to work on a practice piece.  I like to do this every once in awhile to put new tangles together and just get "a flow" going.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Good Thoughts~

I've been sick the last week and am just starting to feel better.  I thought I would start a new series of drawings with good thoughts...

The face was part of a piece that I watercolored first and then did not care for.  I wanted to keep the face so I cut it out and applied it to new paper. I like the look of partial watercolor so even mistakes can be good!   Todays' lesson- don't throw anything out!
  After coloring I like to go back and use either a white jelly roll pen or white acrylic to highlight special areas.  Here you can see the eye.
 When you make flowers or other objects, casting a shadow around them
with soft greys or blue helps them to stand out.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

5 Benefits of Being a Doodler!

5 Big Benefits Of Being A Doodler

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While coloring books for adults are something of a trend, there's another artistic outlet that requires even less effort than colored pencils and markers. It may have more benefits, to boot. 
Doodling -- the spontaneous act of drawing, typically in the margins of whatever one is really supposed to be working on -- is more than a humble distraction. While doodling gets a bad rap, it's actually associated with better learning, creativity and performance. Here are five of doodling’s benefits:
1. Doodling Helps You Concentrate
amy pyle
Amy Pyle, an editor and self-described multitasker, doodles in meetings or on conference calls to help her concentrate.
Research published in 2009 found that participants who doodled while listening to a phone call were able to recall 29 percent more information afterward than those who simply took notes. 
Study author Jackie Andrade, a psychology professor at Plymouth University in the U.K., and others have hypothesized that doodling and listening are uniquely suited to each other. Doodling engages the brain’s “executive resources” -- processes that help us plan, multi-task and concentrate. Engaging our executive resources with doodles while we’re listening to a lecture or phone call makes sure that those resources don’t wander off on their own to think about the grocery list or our plans for the weekend. 
2. Doodling Makes You A More Productive Employee
thy anh vo
Thy Anh Vo finds it freeing to doodle caricatures of herself
Anaheim, California journalist Thy Anh Vo told HuffPost that doodling helps her keep accurate records of the meetings she reports on for her job. While she described doodling as “mindless,” she also said it helps her capture more details than exhaustive note taking does. 
“When I'm reporting on city council meetings, for example, it gets kind of dizzying to keep track of all the people in the room, so sometimes I’ll draw someone’s face, clothes, mannerisms (what their shoes look like, the way their shoulders bend forward) just because I can’t think of the words to describe them,” she wrote. "It also seems to help me remember who they are and where they fit into the room at the time, even if I'm not taking notes on those things."
3. Doodling Can Also Keep You In The Present Moment
Jesse Prinz, a philosophy professor at City University of New York Graduate Center who studies doodling in the context of research on art, finds the practice is optimally suited for oral learning. He says doodling keeps people in a state of “pure listening."
“Doodling helps hit that sweet spot between listening too much and listening too little," Prinz told HuffPost. "It keeps you in a state where your mind can’t wander, and your mind can’t also reflect or think more deeply about what you’re hearing... it’s to such a great extent that if I do not doodle, I find myself having difficulty concentrating. I came to the conclusion that what doodling does for me in part is that it keeps me very receptive to information."
4. Doodling Is An Outlet For Every Day Creativity
lorina capitulo
Capitulo created this doodle when she was "very, very, very upset one night" in 2014. 
Prinz said we should never lose sight of the fact that doodling as creative expression is a worthy goal in and of itself. And even for professional artists, doodling can be an underused tool. 
Sculptor and painter Lorina Capitulo of North Babylon, New York, struggled on and off with feelings of creative block and artistic inadequacy after moving to the U.S. from the Philippines. But when she came across her son’s colored Sharpie markers, she began using them to pass the time before going to work or decompress before bed.
“While doodling, I reflect on so many things happening in my life,” she told HuffPost. She soon realized her creations were also giving her that same “high” she remembered from painting and drawing back in high school. She credits the doodling with unlocking a new avenue for her artistic expression.
5. Doodling Helps You Generate Ideas
amy pyle
Another snapshot from Pyle's notebook.
"Doodling is an enjoyable activity, and that positive emotion makes us more creative by opening us up to more exploratory avenues of thought,” said Prinz. "If you spend half an hour doing something creative, when someone gives you a problem you will think about it in fresh ways."
Andrade speculates that because doodling distracts people from consciously thinking about a problem, it allows for a “subconscious incubation of the solution.” She likened the process to dreaming. “The same thing can happen when sleeping,” she said. “You spend all day trying to solve a problem without success, only to wake up in the morning thinking ‘Aha! That’s the answer.’"
Doodles can be anything, from names or signatures repeated over and over again to cartoons to abstract patterns and scribbles. The next time you find yourself in a meeting or lecture and unable to focus, consider taking your pen to the margins for a little concentration boost.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day-to-Day Summer Schedule!

I work part-itme in the summer still teaching my Prek class, or rather doing those fun themes like Ocean and Pirates.  I am longing for some cooler weather thinking of my cruise back in February.  It inspired me to do this piece of artwork made with watercolor pencils on cardstock and tangling
Use your tangles to create a picture with a scene!  And don't forget you can tangle within another tangle. After being done, I went back and used my white gel pen to high light some areas for brighter contrast,

Try new paper to tangle on!  I decided to try pulling out pages of an old dictionary I found at a used book sale.
I chose the page with the word "Flower"  Can you find where the dictionary's illustration may be?

The Coloring Craze!

With all the popular doodling and tangling these days, coloring books are becoming very popular for adults.  Look what I found in the magazine section of Barnes and Noble!  A relaxing thing to do by the pool, watching TV or traveling!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Classes at Jerry's Artarama Scheduled

Do-Tangle 101: Begin to draw and doodle by learning calculated, step-by-step tangle techniques.  learn about drawing pens, pencils, and paper types.  Use your doodles to make beautiful, intricate patterns for framing, greeting cards, multi-media projects or in your journal!  Students will learn over 24 tangles and will use some time in class for practicing.  A packet of materials, including a template of your choice will be handed out for future tangling!
Saturdays July 11 OR Aug. 8  12-3pm
Wednesday July 22 3p.m.-6p.m.
$35.00 ,minimum age 16, Request supply List
 Call Jerry's to register!  480-775-6787  I-60 and Rural Roads.  1/2 block south on Left.  These classes are so fun and relaxing!

Do-Tangle 102:  Prerequisite  Do-Tangle 101.  Students will learn new tangles not taught in 101 class and learn to combine skills in drawing with tangling in color.  Learn to use drawing pens, colored pencils techniques, markers, watercolor pencils/crayons, and shading techniques.  An 8X10 collage will be worked on in class using coloring materials.  The new craze is Coloring books for adults.  Stress-free and Fun!  Make your own coloring templates with techniques from this class!
Tuesdays  July 28 OR August 11, 12-3p.m.  OR
Saturday August 22 ,12-3p.m. OR
Friday August 28, 3-6p.m.
$35.00, minimum age 16, Request supply List

Friday, June 12, 2015

Tangled Hummingbird!

Its fun watching the hummingbirds flock to my new feeder, which had me tangling a hummingbird.  I have done several others but like this one since it is blooming with flowers and color!  Black and white tangles really "pop" out with color!  This one is done with prismacolor pencils and then burnished with alcohol pen.

A great group of kids!

Today I taught 8-12 year olds how to do-tangle!  The kids learned different tangles and then took off on their own artwork!  Kids really are amazing.  They came up with great ideas of their own.   Art is important for creativity, sequencing and problem solving.  Makes me sad that some schools are thinking of removing Art class!   The kids of Power Ranch rock!  Thanks for having me come and teach!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Off the Easel...

I've been working on this 11 X 14" piece and am happy with it.  The blue color is much brighter than the picture and gives an even better contrast in person.  iPhones are great but at times don't lend themselves to true color pics.

New Magazine!

Out for an evening to the book store and found a new magazine right up my alley!  Many months ago I was discussing with my husband that with the craze of doodling and Zentangle; you would think there would be a magazine out there for enthusiasts.  And here it Interweave Press.