Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Shaped Card Class at Scrapbook Barn!

Join me for a fun class making shaped cards.  Learn even more tangles and doodles to make your own cards.   Templates will be handed out:  shoe, flower, dress, flip flop, cupcake, butterfly and teacup.  A whole collection!   The next class is Tuesday April 21st , 10:00 - Noon, at Scrapbook Barn in Gilbert.  Call to register!  480-503-2475
Fun!   The tea card comes with a tea bag for your favorite tea drinker.

Off the Easel!

Wow, I've been so busy with teaching, I haven't updated this blog in a few weeks.   Here are the things I've finished and want to share
I'm not big on working with mandalas or in the round, but this one intriqued me.  The center ended up looking 3-D.
I want this car!  I have always wanted a VW Bug.    Hoping my next car will be one!  This was a fun piece to do. It would be fun to have a car painted this way.
My version of "Mufasa" from the Lion King.  Couldn't decide if I like'd him in black/white or color.  So...I did the black and white and copied it and did it in color.  Which is your favorite?
Trying my hand at more sketching.  This is my sweet "grand kitty", Lilly.  My son was happy with it.
A commissioned piece for someone who collects penguins.  This is an emperor penguin.