Monday, July 27, 2015

National Coloring Book Day! August 2nd!

Amazon reports that the top selling books right now are adult coloring books!    They are flying off the shelves in local craft and book stores as well.  What's the craze all about?  STRESS!  Coloring is a stress reliever for many adults, a mindless fun activity.   Try it with your children and/or grandchildren and add to the fun.   There is a myriad of coloring tools out there.  Watercolor crayons, multi-colored colored pencils, gel pens, brush markers and more.    Check out this link for free beautiful coloring pages      You can use your doodles, make copies and share your designs to color!   Be sure to get out those pens and paper come August 2nd!

New Journal Entries!

       Sometimes when you work in your journal it is for your own pleasure.  I'm working on coloring this one and using colored pencil shading.   Will post the colored version soon!

          A way to practice your tangles is putting them between lines.  I decided to make this a tribute to our family.  We are starting to be empty nesters and was just missing my kids!

New Student Work.  Amazing what you can learn in a two-three hour class!  Great Job!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Doodling In the Workplace!

We are learning how doodling can be beneficial in the workplace.  When doodling and using two sides of the brain, one is able to focus more on the subject at hand.   Children are always seen doodling in class and there may be a reason.  Research has proven that "doodlers" retain 29% more information than non-doodlers.   Sunni Brown, doodler and business owner has a wonderful site about doodling in the workplace; working on having employees visualize their work.   You can check out many articles on her site to support new research on doodling.
Or watch this TED talk:  Sunni Brown

Did you know?   Hillary Clinton was presenting in Congress and recently got caught doodling!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Coloring Fundraiser for our Phoenix Foster Kids!

Join me for some fun - color an insulated lunch tote for just $20.00!  All proceeds go to helping our foster kids in Phoenix.  A great help getting ready to go back to school.   Please call or email me ASAP if you want to join in the fun.   Monies must be collected ahead and I will be ordering the bags next week.

Sharing Work!

I love when students share work!  Great job to Amber and Charlotte with their finished cards!  So cute!