Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A great Feeling...

Nothing is better for a teacher than a parent coming to congratulate you for teaching their child.  Today as I was getting ready to teach the children about Monet, a dad came to me and said," while on vacation at Legoland in CA., John pulled us aside and showed us the 'dots' on the Legos.  He kept telling us that George Seurat painted with dots!"
I was so pleased that a 4 year old could remember the lesson of Impressionism and grasp the concept.  What a rush of excitement that gives me and those short moments compel me to keep opening young minds to new things.  Often teacher friends of older students caution me on teaching such advanced things like science experiments and art masterpieces.  I say why not!  These children are ready for anything and their minds are craving new information.  It may have to be brought down to their level, but it can be done!  As always, I want to encourage others to learn something new.  Try a new hobby, read a different genre in books, travel somewhere--take in new experiences!  New information can inspire you, calm you, excite you and give you a new way to see life.  John saw it in legos.