Sunday, July 28, 2013

Art with Youth

I have been privileged to teach 12-14 year olds this summer in addition to my children ages 3-5 yrs. old.  What a difference!   Both classes have shown a great love of art and have  enjoyed the process.  The youth are harder on themselves and think of perfection, while the younger tots just love the mess.   I hope that the one thing I passed on to the youth was that ART can be anything, and your interpretation of it.  It is in the process that one gains a love of ART and the end result is in the eye of the beholder.  There is no right or wrong.  They came up with amazing  pieces of art throughout the week: drawing, painting, creating patterns and I saw their creative spirit start to bloom.  

   Need to relax?  Try fingerpainting.  It's amazing that these children played for 50 minutes with this activity before losing interest.  Their comments were "its slippery, its mixing colors, and it's cold on my hands!   Art can be a very sensory experience! I have been having some artful experiences of my own this summer as well.
There is a new place in town called "Party with Paint", go with a friend to paint an acrylic painting of your choice.  Have a glass of wine and share the evening relaxing!   I know I could have painted at home and probably could have come up with something of my own, but doing something artful with others expands your artsy karma!  Sometimes I think the art just oozes out!  Check out Caroles' studio!

Carole Cobbold
Party With Paint

  My good friend, Tammy and I took a break from the busyness of our lives to share an evening.