Friday, September 25, 2015

Lots of News!

Hello art friends-   Wow the last few weeks have been busy.  A bad cold came on in addition to severe jaw pain resulting in a root canal!  It actually ended up not being too bad!
I have collected some ideas from around the internet world for ideas in doodling.  This first one I intend to do when my daughter moves out and I get the bigger room for my art room. (She graduates in December, so maybe sometime next year).
Isn't this great?  I'll prime the wall and then actually do the doodling with a brush, so doodling in paint!  I've done this before and not hard, just time consuming using a brush.  Acrylic inks work very well for a project like this.
Looks like doodling is out of control!  People are leaving their mark everywhere!

Oh how I would love to do this!
Fun frames and painted rocks just for giggles!

Use one coat of white acrylic to smooth the rock before drawing.  These would even be great using black acrylic and a white gelly roll pen!